Reggie is a former chef who worked at Michelin star restaurants like The French Laundry and won a $35,000 Scholarship to Culinary School placing 2nd in America's Best Teen Chef competition. After burning out, he neglected cooking and ate 90% of meals out while launching

Over the next 10 years he became a sponge. Travelling to 75+ countries he self taught himself the fundamental formula of what makes food delicious without the pressure of fine dining perfection and rediscovered a joy for cooking through curiosity.  


Reggie Immediately recognized the opportunity of platforms like ChatGPT and others to transform people's ability to cook at home and began studying uses and applications.  This first of its kind course offers a hybrid of AI driven tools and classic culinary secrets to help you cook better, reduce food waste and cook like a chef.


To harness the power of AI to educate, reduce food waste, and create joy in the kitchen.


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What's Included:

  • The Open Kitchen Course: Learn To Cook Fast, Delicious Meals Without A Recipe And Save Money Doing It While Harnessing The Power OF AI.

  • 1-on-1 Orientation Call With Instructor (Optional)

  • AI Prompts Cheat Sheet

  • Live Grocery Shopping Support

  • Assisted Online Shopping For Additional Equipment & Products (If Necessary)

  • Custom Organization Plan To Optimize Your Pantry & Fridge


“Reggie is a talented chef and someone who is really passionate about food. He is an excellent instructor for anyone that is learning or wanting to learn how to make delicious meals, enjoy.”


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